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Secret agent.
Kameel Vohra is on a mission to help entrepreneurs start & grow their businesses. More than just a Global Product Marketing Manager for Dell, he's launched his own businesses, speaks at events and mentors start-ups. As well as writing about how to deliver and market killer products.

About Kameel

Kameel Vohra is a marketer, entrepreneur and speaker - with over two decades of experience driving growth for B2B and B2C companies. As Global Product Marketing Manager for Dell, he currently leads the displays advanced experience strategy. Previously he led the Large Displays team, where he managed the business globally and launched several award winning displays products. He has founded his own businesses including Evoma hotels & business centers, Lucep and VirtuaQ.

Kameel frequently speaks at events and writes articles for the Marketing Society and the European Innovation Academy. He has delivered keynotes at both the Hong Kong and China Innovation Academies, and has been a panelist at All That Matters Asia.

He is a strong supporter of disabilities, annually raising funds and volunteering at Ride for Rainbows and at MINDS. For speaking engagements or to work with Kameel, please get in touch.

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11th November 2019
After spending hours obsessing over the details of your newest feature, will it get the attention it deserves? Was it designed with customer experience in mind? Or as an after thought?
1st September 2019
Every online or offline store seems to have a discount of some sort. Do you customers just want something cheap? Does your product have any perceived value?
31st July 2019
Single use plastics are being heavily criticized, but do your customers really care? Is there an opportunity for your products to shine?

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