The perfect social media profile picture

10 tips to create the perfect social media profile picture

Your profile picture (a.k.a. headshot), is the single most important…
Michelle Gautrin

How Adobe used social media to fill every seat at symposium

Most marketers in the Asia Pacific have probably heard about…
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When has my campaign failed?

I recently answered a question on Quora about failure, having…
Tablet showing SEO metrics

How should I measure my SEO agency?

A friend of mine was looking for a SEO agency, and was casually…
Elevator Pitch

Creating your one liner

Before you can begin marketing your product/service, it’s really…
Business Woman Partner Network

Do I have a good channel partner network?

After putting in lots of effort to build a partner network,…
No Spam

Sorry for the spam!

Apologies to those of you that received strange blog spam email…
DHL Drone delivery service

DHL Asia's CMO on Marketing in 2015

I spent some time with Matthieu Vermeulen, DHL’s new eCommerce…
Client Persona Profiles in a globe

What is a Customer Profile?

Building a client persona helps you to better understand your…
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What time should I post my content?

For the longest time I hadn't really paid any attention to the…
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This year save your customers from tears and give them something…
Classic DC Heroes Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! You have unique skills,…