Don’t forget the CTA when advert hijacking

I recently got a barrage of emails from JetAirways, asking me to vote for them in the Freddies (Airline Industry Frequent Flyer program) award. The subsequently announcing their wins & their appreciation to their customers. It’s a separate thing that I have an axe to grind with their FF programme, it was a good opportunity for them to interact with their customers, foster some engagement, get feedback and stay visible. Professional, well executed, but a little dry:
JetAirways Freddies Vote Request Emailer
Then I got this utterly fabulous email from Indigo:
IndiGo Email saying no Platinum, no gold, no silver, just one class for all The comic ingenuity made me literally laugh out loud. This was some great advert hijacking (not to be confused with the more illegal concept of advert hijacking) of the JetAirways campaign. I’m not actually convinced by the add, because I travel frequently and enjoy my FFP perks, but it was funny & most importantly it got my attention. Especially interesting because I travel regularly on JetAirways and tend to almost instantly scan & delete their (otherwise dull) emails.
I really like the way they’re leveraging someone else’s campaign as best as they can. It requires a really nimble team to be able to deliver an advertising response so quickly. Though it’d be an even better response if there was something tangible for the customer to do with it. As it stands, all I can do with the material is laugh and write this article, it desperately needs a good call to action.
So if you can hijack someone else’s campaign, try to be humorous about it & remember to include a good cta so that you maximize your returns.
Helicopter landing pad

The 7 key elements of a good Landing Page

By now the importance of good Landing Pages should have been drummed into every good web designer. They’re not a mystery, the anatomy of Landing Pages has been dissected repeatedly by many competent authorities. Whilst most of the analysis have the same common elements, I’d still recommended reading through a few of them – if anything to get a breadth of knowledge and a better understanding of how best to construct specific elements.

fuzebox landing page with numbers highlighting key sections

I recently stumbled across this FuzeBox landing page, and one element stood out like a sore thumb. I couldn’t believe the number of landing pages that had omitted it. The basic elements are all present:

  1. Navigation – Reduced navigation, preferably nil, to prevent people clicking away
  2. Bold headlines – Clearly answering your question, or stating why you’re still reading
  3. Bullet point content with headers – we don’t want to lose you in fluff, here are the essential points
  4. The best picture we have – so you know what you’re buying
  5. Clearly visible (above the fold) contact us form – so we can get your details
  6. A submit button – that doesn’t say submit but instead holds the promise of something more
  7. and FINALLY – the telephone number, so you can call them right NOW if you actually want to

The number of websites & landing pages I’ve reached when sourcing a product that don’t have contact numbers is incredible. I want something now. I want to call you to buy it. I don’t want to fill out your form.  Don’t lose a prospective inquiry just because you’re supposed to have “some-annoying-form” filled up. Your telephone leads are just as important (if not more so), and need to monitored & managed just as carefully. You could even consider adding a telephone CTA/offer in the body of your content!

Do you have your contact number boldly visible on your landing pages?
Are you tracking your telephone leads?



There is no try, be a guest author

We all know that Yoda was right, “There is no try, only do”. I’ve been thinking about, and enjoying, the idea of getting one of my articles/posts published in a print magazine. It’s something that I’ve thought about alot, but never really made any attempt to do. Quite randomly I got an email, on a completely unrelated topic from the editor of a well-know travel magazine. Without thinking, I wrote back and asked her if I could guest author an article for any of their upcoming issues.

I was stunned by her two line response that followed almost instantly. I’ve got to send in drafts (obviously) for her team to review, but she’s happy at the idea of having contributors.

What does that mean for marketing/SEO/etc.? Simply put, if you want great links and free (indirect) publicity, take the idea of guest blogging a step further and ask to be a guest author for relevant magazines. You’ll have to put in more work & you may get shot down, but who knows, they may say yes! It’s not high school – the benefit is worth all the fear of rejection. So stop thinking, stop trying, close your eyes and just do.