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Awesome Social Recommendation

I’ve just started working with psd2html on a new web design project, and I noticed that they have a “rate our performance button”. What’s brilliant is that after your select a rating it asks you for a written comment. If your comment is good it asks you to tweet your comment. You don’t need to retype anything or do anything other than click the button again. I’m not surprised they regularly have great twitter reviews.

The ability to instantly convert positive feedback into a social recommendation is incredibly powerful, especially given that each recommendation is coming from an existing customer that’s already taken the time to write a positive comment. Most of the time it’s hard to find content to engage your clients, this technique has them socially (and positively) engaging with your brand – without you creating any new content.

At what point in your sales cycle are you collecting feedback? What are you doing with that feedback?
Are you showing off all your awesome customer reviews?